Kevin is the main character of the story. He's a little, chubby weirdo and he likes anime.

Comics: 57
Recent Appearance: Dead of Night
First Appearance: Kevin Begins


Demon Lord Falk might be the Wizard's biggest enemy. Over 10 years ago, he lost his entire army and his kingdom, but he still has one or two tricks up his sleeve.

Comics: 42
Recent Appearance: Dead of Night
First Appearance: Melodramatic


A fairy from Wormwood Forest. Which secrets does this magical creature hold?

Comics: 18
Recent Appearance: Dead of Night
First Appearance: Kevin in the Woods


Originally from the city of Enigma, Darin joined the Empire two years prior to the story, where he quickly became one of the Wizard's bodyguards. As a high elf, he's rather intelligent and learned a huge variety of different spells, but he can also be very arrogant. When asked about his past, Darin gets very defensive, as if he's really ashamed of his past self.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Time to Grind
First Appearance: Enochlophobia


Mayu-chan is Kevin's faithful dakimakura and dearest companion on his quests.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Pillow Fight
First Appearance: Kevin Begins


As a Morlock, Brodor is used to a boring and tenuous way of life. When the Wizard gave him the opportunity for better living conditions, he gladly took it. Now he spends most of his time on weird parties with even weirder women. He might be a simplistic person and a pervert, but he's also very strong.

Comics: 12
Recent Appearance: Time to Grind
First Appearance: Enochlophobia


Not much is known about the Wizard, even though he's the sole leader of the biggest empire on the whole planet. A few years ago, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, collecting strong people for his rapidly growing army. He seems to get annoyed rather easily, but other than that, he doesn't show many emotions. He always carries a huge staff with him.

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Justitia et veritas
First Appearance: The Kevin Cometh

Kevin's mother

At this point, not much is known about Kevin’s mother.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Extra 03 - How I met your Pillow III
First Appearance: Extra 01 - How I met your Pillow I


Born in a small human village as the child of a farmer, little Alex Smith spent most of his youth working on the cornfields. In his spare-time, he taught himself how to use the sword, in order to protect his family. He was only 13 when his home got burned down to the ground by demons. As the only survivor, Alex swore revenge for his people and eventually joined forces with the wizard. He knew, if he would train hard enough, his moment to defeat the demon lord would come.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: The Kevin Cometh

Tony "Hot Dog" Toniolo

Tony is a totally honest businessman with absolutely no relation to the Abyssian mafia. He lost his right eye in a weiner-related accident.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Stranded


When his girlfriend got pregnant, the then 17 years old "Walmart"-Martin dropped out of high school to support his family. 10 years later, he's still working at Walmart and he hasn't changed a bit. Despite that, Martin is a good person and I'm sure he'll grow into a respectful person some day.

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Being the villain used to be much easier

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